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Liubovi Bulah
CEO & Founder of
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Serghei Bulah
Technical support & engineering
Aliona Mocan
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Social assistant
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Our mission is: «Socialization through education»
The mission of the Public Association - socialization through vocational training: supporting juveniles and youth from socially vulnerable families, orphans, victims of trafficking in human beings, persons with deviant behavior, ex-prisoners, disabled persons.

The Public Association «Insula Sperantelor» operates since July 27, 1998. The Public Association courses offer in short term the possibility to train for professions requested on the labor market of Moldova, being directed to the job requirements and the psychological and social assistance for social rehabilitation.
  • Barber
  • Cosmetician
  • Rubber
  • Manicurist/pedicurist
  • Cook/confectioner
  • Waiter/bartender
  • Seller
  • Accountant
  • Secretary
  • PC operator
The objectives of the Public Association
  • Vocational training of juveniles and young people
  • Testing and selection of young people for training jointly with the information center of the Chisinau Employment Agency
  • Psychological and social assistance for victims of trafficking in human beings
  • Organizing measures to combat trafficking in human beings
  • Psychological assistance for young people in critical situations
  • Support to course graduates for employment
  • Projects for underprivileged youth
  • Implementation of special projects for disabled persons
  • The program of continuous training and development of the staff
  • Modernization of vocational training equipment
  • Organizing the level II and III of vocational training (refresher courses)
  • Participation by professions at the junior championships and competitions
What makes us different
Our teachers and learners - award winners at the Moldovan Championships of cuisine and styling arts.

We have a Center of Guidance, Professionalization and Professional Reintegration for victims of trafficking in human beings, opened with the support of the International Organization for Migration.

We work on socialization of victims of trafficking in human beings in the context of vocational training.

We provide information on the possibility to have a new profession.

We have implemented teaching material for effective vocational training, supported by the Liechtenstein Development Service LFD.

We train ex-prisoners for the profession of barber jointly with the International Society for Human Rights - Moldova.

Meet our CEO & President
«I have founded NGO «Insula Sperantelor» because I believe that even a small group of kind people can make a difference for many. Our days people talk too much and do nothing. That is why I pay special attention to our results and quality of the work. Today you can help people in need, give them a bit of warmth and caring, make their lifes easier and share your hope for the better future. Believe me, it's worth trying.»
Ph.D. Liubovi Bulah – an extraordinary woman and a real proffesional who is working in the social field for more than 16 years. She is founder of the NGO «Insula Sperantelor» and a great mastermind for the entire team and for people she helps. Having a Ph.D degree, Liuba works on didactical materials, develops and supports modular system.

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Honesty is our main principle
It is very important to work honestly and responsibly with love for people. The organization was created in those difficult times, when the Soviet Union collapsed, when young men and women needed new incentives, new energy, to find their professional path, to find their way in today’s world of globalization not being afraid of the changes and live in a continuous creative motion. We chose as our motto the employment of graduates, being important to: find a work place after graduation, be ready for a professional and social integration in the labour market of Moldova and abroad. With the help of European modular techniques, we give to the young people an expensive ticket to professional life. Expensive – as our graduates are highly valued in the labour market. Our doors are always open for young people who want to live in constant professional and creative motion.
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We study a lot
Our staff is training at different European centers as well as in Moldova and Russia. We are interested in foreign experience in social field.
21-th century technology
Organization is evolving in IT field as well. We have developed computer tests, our students search for job places using special web-system and much more.
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