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We are working on projects of different types and complexity for more than 16 years. During this time we had lots of successful projects and thousands of graduates which successfully work in Moldova and in Europe.
training youth from socially vulnerable strata of population
Training and employment
Public Organization «Insula Sperantelor» carries out its activity in various areas, one of which is to provide education to children and youth from socially vulnerable strata of population (orphans, social orphans). After the training they are assisted in finding employment. The graduates of the school «Insula Sperantelor» are in demand on the labor market of Moldova, as the competence training builds in them knowledge, skills and experience that are in demand and comply with the requirements of the employers even in crisis periods for economy, when the competition for the workplace increases due to job cuts.

Always up to date
Training of teachers, providing them and students with teaching aids and modular technologies, establishing an information center for formative, interim testing, transition to the new criterion of formation of competence has improved the quality of training and to reconcile the requirements of training with scientific and technological progress and international benchmarks. As the economy and production develop, change requirements for knowledge, skills and qualification of the workers. Therefore, the School of Professions «Insula Sperantelor» constantly changes educational technologies for workplaces.

Psychological support
The course provides students with not only a profession, but also with the ability to communicate, psychologically adapt themselves in a new group. For this purpose the curriculum contains formation of social competences that teaches students how to act in the society with consideration of other people's positions, and formation of communication skills that teaches students how to initiate a communication in order to be understood.
Perfect quality
In the developmental program, School of Professions provides such a quality education that will meet all the requirements of the employers and ensure the competitiveness of graduates in the crisis period of labor surplus. Development, publication and introduction into the educational process of the qualification summative tests will enable graduates to receive and assimilate better theoretical knowledge, that will allow them to be better prepared for work. In addition, the tests will make the analysis of the knowledge requirements and will identify the need to study more weaknesses. Thus, the professional competence of graduates would be consistent with strategies to ensure the quality of training workers for the labor market, which will increase the level of professional and social protection for young working staff during the crisis and promote stability in society.
anti–trafficking activities
The organization has been working in partnership with the International Organization for Migration for 10 years. During this time an efficient functioning system in the field of social programs has formed. We are looking for partners which can support the following directions of our social activity:
  • training social assistants in projects of trafficking in persons
  • financing innovation technologies for development of professional training of young specialists (training in modules)
  • assistance in the field of development of computer software
  • financing of shelters for victims of trafficking in persons
  • financing of anti-trafficking programs
  • financial support for different professions (equipment, materials)
  • support of the project «Providing training for the profession of manicurist to orphans from the boarding school»
  • financial support for the project «Providing training in different professions to the convicts at the penitentiary No. 7 in village Rusca»
  • issuing information booklets on social programs, and many others
NGO «Insula Sperantelor» has become involved in anti-trafficking activities in March, 2004. The same year there was opened an center for accommodation of trafficking victims for 22 persons. Mission of the organization – socialization through training. Owing to cooperation of the three organizations, the mission of International Migration Organization (IMO) in the Republic of Moldova, Public Organization «Insula Sperantelor» and the National Employment Agency in support with the city administration, Insula Sperantelor has opened a Center for Professional Orientation and rehabilitation of victims of trafficking in persons. A possibility to gain a profession within a short term, which is in demand in the labor market of Moldova, having a good psychological and financial support, jobs, perspectives for creation of their own family and leading a decent life in their own country, is provided not only to victims of trafficking of persons, but potential victims as well: orphans in boarding schools, girls for poor families and from rural areas, former convicts, adolescents from immigrant families.
Education project for people with disabilities
The Public Organization «Insula Sperantelor» carries out projects on teaching people with learning disabilities. This category of people lack adequate protection in the socio-economic and legal terms. The professional courses of the organization teach the hearing-impaired youth (with the help of a sign language interpreter) the profession of «pastry chef» with employments assistance. For this purpose, our organization enters into agreements with public catering enterprises of Chisinau. The second group of hearing–impaired youth – are people with impaired musculoskeletal system, trained the profession of «accountant» and the girls are trained to the profession of «manicurist master» with the possibility of working in specialized centers.
Our graduates are always employed
The Public Organization «Insula Sperantelor» arranges employment for graduates from social projects. This work is carried out by the social assistant. For 14 years the organization «Insula Sperantelor» cooperates with employers. Since the modular structure of the study program is aimed at formation of competences demanded at the work place, «Insula Sperantelor» graduates after education are able to work independently in their profession.
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